Special Emphasis Program

Office of Equal Employment and Minority Affairs

The Smithsonian reflects the diversity of the American people and the world today. Our mission, the "increase and diffusion of knowledge," is achieved through the efforts of our highly qualified staff. We strive to maximize our effectiveness, cultural inclusion and internal diversity by welcoming people of all backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion are also integral components in the Smithsonian Strategic Plan.

To assist the Smithsonian in its diversity and inclusion goals, OEEMA developed and published the?Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Report (DIIR)?in an effort to capture and report on the multiplicity of diversity and inclusion related activities around the Institution. Data is drawn from Smithsonian museums, research centers and offices' submissions in all efforts that they feel meet the criteria of a diversity and inclusion initiative. To this end, units submitted initiatives in the following areas:

  • Programs
  • Activities
  • Recruitment Efforts
  • Outreach

The Report demonstrates the Smithsonian's ongoing commitment to reflect the nation's diveristy in its workforce, programming and business relationships. To view past reports go to?FY 2014,?FY 2015, FY 2016?and FY 2017.

Diversity Collaborations

The Smithsonian participated on the Executive Office of the President – Office of Science and Technology Policy and Office of Personnel Management’s taskforce that looked at increasing diversity in the STEM workforce by reducing the impact of bias. This interagency group focused on sharing best practices for increasing diversity in STEM. The Smithsonian shared initiatives such as the Early Youth Engagement through Science that supports Latino middle school students and the Smithsonian Science Education Center’s partnership with Shell Oil Foundation and the National Science Teachers’ Association that addresses stereotypes about gender and ethnicity. To view the full report go to?Reducing the Impact of Bias in the STEM Workforce: Strengthening Excellence and Innovation?or to view the Report's digest go to?Report Digest: Reducing the Impact of Bias in the STEM Workforce.

Internships With OEEMA?

The Special Emphasis Program also coordinates OEEMA's internship program. Interns serving in OEEMA can expect direct interaction with staff on a constant basis and involvement with a wide range of projects, as the work of the office dictates. Past OEEMA interns have gained skills and experience by assisting with projects such as:

  • Editing and creating material for OEEMA's websites;
  • Advocating for increased small business use via the Supplier Diversity Program;
  • Developing and implementing small business follow-up procedures;
  • Evaluating small business marketing materials; and,
  • Updating databases with sources for diverse recruitment candidates and prospective vendors.

We expect a great deal from our interns, students interning in OEEMA can expect a challenging and enriching learning experience. Students applying for OEEMA internships must possess analytical and writing skills, the ability to conduct research and working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Are Smithsonian OEEMA Interns Paid?

Unfortunately interns serving in OEEMA are not paid. Applicants may seek financial assistance on their own from outside sources.

Can I receive academic credit for completing an internship?

Awarding academic credit for an internship is at the discretion of your high school, college or university. However, we will assist you in providing appropriate information as requested by your school. Arrangements for accreditation should be made before you begin your internship.

Areas of Study: Business Management, Marketing, Supplier Diversity, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, General Arts and Administration

If you have questions about OEEMA's internship program, please contact the Office at 202-633-6430.

To apply for an internship please go to the?Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment System.

For more information on career, fellowship, and internship opportunities at the Smithsonian, please check out the Smithsonian's?Office of Human Resources?and the?Office of Fellowships and Internships.

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